2020 vision – Best Life ideas

This is my battery electric car …

• EV’s (Electric Vehicles) – This one is a slam dunk. EV’s are cleaner, faster, quieter, cheaper, and long overdue. You can run them on sunshine. Jesus, why in fuck are you still driving an 8MPG army assault vehicle when there’s no mud for a hundred miles…


• Plant Based Diets – Why do chimps know this and not you? We share 99% of their DNA, and some smaller piece of common sense. Plant foods: Greens, nuts n beans – Medically-proven-healther.   www.NutritionFacts.org

• Composting toilets – Hilarious, the way we use perfectly clean drinking water and flush our shit through miles of pipes, filter and treat it, then dump it at sea. The circle of life hits a cul de sac.

Let’s go poop in a bucket.